About Moxhull Hall

Moxhull Hall Wedding PhotographyMoxhull Hall is a Victorian building which is held on eight acres of land. The original Manor house was known as Moxhull Park and is know where the Belfry Golf Hotel stands. In the 14th and 15th centuries the Arden family from the Earls of Warwick¬† held Moxhull. By 1480 the estate had been acquired to Henry de Lisle. Then around 1670 John Lisle had died without a male heir, which then the estate became Andrew Hacketts, the son of the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. Andrew Hackett married a co-heir Lisle daughters. The Hacketts held Moxhull until 1815 when another Andrew Hackett had died. Andrew’s widow had remarried to Berkeley Noel whose son then decided to sell the estate to Thomas Ryland in 1860.¬† In 1900 the home was destroyed by a fire but Howard Ryland, Lord Lieutenant of the country and the owner had decided to re-build the mansion but on a near by plot of land on Holly Lane, which is now known as Moxhull Hall.
Moxhull Hall Wedding photography
Moxhull Hall Hotel has fairy tale grounds, rich interior, contemporary styling and beautiful garden and water feature(see image on the right). Moxhull Hall is perfect for great wedding photographs and is a perfect
wedding venue. (see image on the left)

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